by Leslie VanExel, Jr.


                This was the culmination of his entire existence.  The point where all things came together and clarity rushed toward him with a stunning brightness from which he couldn’t turn away.  Dean could feel all the taboos and mystical meaning wash over him, knowing that this was his transition.  He realized he should have his eyes open to memorize every move and gesture, but couldn’t help himself from drowning in the ecstasy within his mind.

                He was sitting in the backyard under the lemon tree watching the ants move in perfect organization, each following the other.  They were making the same mistakes, pausing, then backtracking to the proper path and continuing.  Each one had its turn to make the same motions.  Every so often he would brush them aside and watch their confusion till they reordered themselves and continued.  They seemed so content to just follow their paths, already chosen, for the life of the colony.

                They trudged over the dirt and roots, each seeming like mountains, endless and huge.  He bent over closely to watch one ant that had been crippled by the sweep of his hand.  It fumbled foolishly for a while, before he snubbed it with a thumb, in a grandiose gesture of malevolence.  “I have freed you now from your plight.”, he announced, then thought to himself, “And so I have smote him, in generosity.”  He giggled, amused at playing God and feeling the power in his mighty smiting thumb.   The thumb now wiggled above the others, covering them with the shadow, creeping closer to a line of ants.

                With his own sound effects of crackling thunder, he let loose his thumb upon the line.  Smashing down violently, he pounded his thumb up and down across the line, in sync with his explosions.  Just the vibrations from the blows sent the ants scattering.  Their movements, wild and jerking, left him smirking.  He sat back against the trunk looking down on the ants, slowly reordering themselves, watching them once again follow the trail.  They would stop at their fallen comrades, pausing for what he figured must be an eternity in ant time.  He imagined them stopping and giving a prayer to the mighty ant god that their brothers have a good afterlife, antennae wiggling in religious fervor for mercy.  He rested his head against the tree, looking up at the branches sprinkled with ripe, blazing lemons.  Bored, he slid his foot out and back, devastating the now calm ant procession without a glance.

                He shook his leg quickly, without thought, and as if just remembering his purpose, Dean pulled the magazine out of his pocket.  It had been rolled up neatly in his back pocket, but was tattered and slightly yellowed from attempts of folding, crumpling and neglect.  He smiled at the cover, a lady, naked, with just about the biggest tits he had ever seen; arms pressed up against them making them ever bigger.   She was smiling at him as always, with her lips moist and slightly pursed, staring sexy straight at him.   He imagined her like this after they just kissed, she’s taken a step back as her lips make the transition from a kiss to a smile.  He liked to think of her wearing some of that candy lip gloss and licked his lips as if to taste the sugar on them.  Dean started at her belly button, and closed his eyes as they trailed down past the end of the page leaving the rest of  her body to his imagination.  He rubbed the crotch of his jeans and looked at the bulge with happy anticipation.

                Frowning at the grass stains on his jeans, he closed his eyes as he unbuttoned his pants, holding the cover up close to his face to make sure the only thing he would see was her body, glistening and perfect.

                Tracing down the outline of her pressed tits, he adjusted.  Now sitting cross legged, balancing the magazine on his calves, he opened to a random page.  He liked to see something totally different each time and just changing the order of the images made the fantasy all the more real.  Hunching over and clutching his cock in his hands he gripped hard staring straight at the image of a woman on her hands and knees, ass high in the air, spreading her cheeks apart.  The picture was softened white and cloudy, and as he banged himself ruthlessly, he could see her bobbing her ass in the air, shaking it back and forth, begging him to take her.

                “What the hell am I doing thinking of that!?”, he thought to himself.  “This is the best of my life, before my prime and everything’s just gonna get better.”  As he hissed deep breaths through his teeth he tried to concentrate on the girl that lay under him.  Her face was slightly screwed into a look that could either be pleasure or pain.  He grinned and hissed even harder thinking about himself and his mighty cock.  “You like that, huh?”, he announced.  She had kept her eyes closed and now looked at him quickly.  “Yeah.”

                He watched her turn her head aside, staring with slight interest at her nightstand.  Melanie noticed the dust underneath her alarm clock and felt a pang of remorse that her room was so untidy.  His rhythm picked up slightly and her breasts followed in step.  She smiled watching them, feeling them oscillate quickly, then slowly, sometimes in harmony with his motion, sometimes separate.  The pleasure she received from the feeling in her breasts far surpassed that of the other.  It left her free, disconnected from the reality she collided with each time she saw his contorted face.  She watched her room, slowly oscillating from the manufactured harmony.  The bright white walls, still bright, even with the blinds closed, without a hint of dust made her smile.  She disliked mussing up the walls with posters or art, preferring them bare and clean.  They reminded her of the fluffy white clouds she would watch while daydreaming in the campus park.  A dazzling white against the purest blue.  She felt him pause momentarily to adjust his body, and his overbite intruded her view.  She turned back to the clock and watched the flashing colon keep up the seconds.  Each time he was in synch with the flashes, she let out a slight moan, “Ohh.”

                He hovered over her, knowing that her moans meant his cock commanded attention.  Satisfied with his performance he slipped back into thought.  He watched her tits flopping to and fro, in synch with the squishy slapping and his heavy breathing.  Trained on them, he tried to keep up.  His arms were shaking uncontrollably now, and he knew that that had to be the reason those tits were getting the best of him.  Frowning through his breath, he closed his eyes back to the sanctuary of that shiny ass, gyrating smoothly in a constant rhythm.

                He closed his eyes for a moment, making the picture take motion, watching that face in agonizing pleasure.  She was biting her lip, and while he spit on his hand and rubbed the head of his penis, he could feel her hot and wet all around him.  He felt it pushing its way towards the tip of his cock, and, as he approached climax he closed his eyes, reeling at what she must be thinking, as she screamed out loud to him, begging him to come in her.  Right as he came he opened his eyes and spurted himself all over the page, aiming for her spread open ass and tantalizing face.

                He leaned back against the tree, watching his smeg ooze down the page, cursing out loud, “Yeah, you like that bitch.  You like my cock inside you, don’t you.  You like my come on your face, huh.”  He liked to swirl it around on the page with his fingers, watching it make patterns, blotting out an eye, then the open mouth.  He pushed it up and down her ass and pussy, pressing it into the paper.  With a smirk and a lolling tongue he repeated, “inside you... inside.”

                She looked over at the clock again.   Three o’ eight.  Still had plenty of time to study.  She’d really make out today.  Melanie knew from the beginning that he’d be quick.  Like most boys, they never cared about anything but sticking it in and coming.  She smiled, remembering the ones that couldn’t even last long enough to get it in.  Gripping the pillow in dramatic ecstasy she wondered why they thought coming was even important at all.  After all, how long did that last compared to sex itself.  Sex.  Not just intercourse.  After all, anybody can fuck.  But sex, from the first caress to the last kiss, it all blended together.  Physically, emotionally, and mentally, everything jumbled into a sensory festival that would leave you in perfect harmony, tingling from the tip of your nose to the ends of your toes.  She remembered wiggling her toes the last time she had really good sex.  Seeing his open mouth bobbing and gaping, especially in contrast to toe wiggling sex, made her feel slightly nauseous.  I’ve got to get him out of here.  She licked her lips anxiously, and kept her eyes focused on anything but him.  She tossed her head back and forth and moaned louder.  She knew he was getting short and with his frenzied pace she encouraged him to not hold back.  “Yes, oh yes! Don’t stop.  Faster!  Fuck me faster!”

                He was enthralled at her curses and felt it, a ball the size of a grape forming in the head of his cock.  He gritted his teeth harder and watched her thrash about.  Feeling her legs slide against his, her hands on his body caught him off guard.  He hadn’t expected so much interaction and it made him even more eager to get it over with.  He stared at her tits, watching them shake out of synch with his bobbing shadow. Pressing up close moved the shadow up over her face.  He watched the outline of his head, dipping, rising, then dipping again.  Covering, then dipping below her mouth that was twisted in a pained frown.  Watching his shadow fuck, he knew he must be killing her with his cock.  Too big for her.  She can’t take it.  The pressure that was built up was starting to make his guts ache.  “Ugh.”  I gotta come.  I gotta.

                Melanie smiled at the flustered, slightly confused look on his face.  She knew it was over and grabbed his ass hard, screaming in feign ecstasy.  Wide eyed and gawking, he came in one quick spurt, then just laid there on top of her.  He was feeling kind of dazed and slightly queasy, semi-conscious only to the fact that he stopped.  She squirmed to get out from underneath him, revolted by the feeling of his sticky and cold skin clinging to her.  He rolled over on his back, staring at the blank walls and the sunlight creeping around the blinds.  She was already up, hurriedly pulling on a pair of shorts, neglecting to put on any underwear.  He watched her pull on her shirt, titties flopping until their captivity.  He watched them till the last ripple, then looked up at her face as she stood over him.

                He looked slightly vacant, and propped himself up on his elbows.  His sheepish grin was cut short by the smile on her face.  Her body covered the blinds leaving her in shadow.  She looked down at him, dangling black hair darkening her face even more as she held out her hand.  Half remembering, he sat up, reaching for his jeans.  He stumbled a bit, trying to pull them up quickly while fishing his hand into a pocket at the same time.  Pulling some crumpled bills from the pocket, he looked up at her,  “I did good didn’t I.”  She bent over and took the money from his hand and patted him on his cheek.  “You sure did, cutie.”

                With a smile of honest pride he zipped up his jeans and pulled on his shirt.  She followed him to the door and smiled graciously as he turned the knob.  As he opened the door and stepped out into the brilliance of the day, he knew for sure, that he was master of this day, and all the others to come.