The mighty and illustrious PASTE ENEMA

has captivated and allured artists, poets, writers and other lovers and creators of the arts for centuries. With words so easily accessible to the internet, we have compiled some of the two most prevalant forms of fo2k worship. The haiku as well as the sonnet. Both of these forms of poetry effectively show the inspiration that fo2k has brought to all of us. We here at fo2k feel it is not only a privilege and honor, but also a pleasure to bring to you, our devoted and loving audience, our literary art inspired and devoted to the paste enema.

Paste Enema Sonnets

My Love For Paste (Shines Like the Morning Sun's Rays)

With every portion in ladle spoon,
Splippery shining and glistening gold
Does make quivering men and ladies swoon
Hearty spoonfuls for the brazen and bold.

The chapel tops and angelic spires
Rise up and embrace the heavens in kind
As enema tubes light one's soul afire
Within the walls of the fleshy behind.

Such succulent herbs and coffee and teas
Dance and mingle within my randy ass,
But the dribbling flow seems to me like pleas
For the paste allows not a drop to pass.

Oh!-- Thoughts from Aphrodite's mind I stole
That with paste you fill my yearning arsehole.

Across Meadow Tops Where Daffodils Grow

Across meadow tops where daffodils grow
And the grasses dance upon breezes light
And the paste slides up in joyous delight,
In my crevices deep my love does flow.

White, more viscous, fluid will become slow
As hot lurid sessions of love take flight
And lay me to waste- Oh my! Such a sight:
Docile and sticky, hardened below.

The brooks do sing with a gurgling cheer
Applauding each accepting orifice
That stop us up, without ever a fear

Of a solid mass; pasty brown-eyed bliss.
Such perfect blends bring to my eyes a tear
Swirl'd brown and white, hardened sweet! Like a kiss.

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