Finally, a page that addresses the long neglected issues haunt our subconscious minds since childhood.

It's happened to all of us, when we were young and innocent, and unable to make such incredibly poor decisions for ourselves. Yes, you know what I'm talking about: that fateful day that the teacher requested you to write what would end up being horribly bad haiku. Now with a generous grant from the "Group for the Pathetic Production of Terrible Poetry by Incredibly Sensitive and Caring University Humanities Majors", or GPPTPISCUHM pronounced Jip-tipi-scum, you will no longer be forced to search deep within your tortured soul to make heart wretching haiku.

The Haiku Generator will end all those sleepless nights!

Ah! With a click of a button, you can have an endless multitude of poor haiku to impress your dullard friends, or try to make new ones! These haiku are best performed in front of lots of people, a grocery store makes a great forum. You'll become the next Ezra Pound, the next Walt Whitman, the next person to be physically assaulted by a complete stranger!
We've got three interactive items to wet your whistle:

Make me some magic baby!

Just press the button and poor quality haiku will issue forth like last night's burrito.

I'm a good citizen! How can I help?

Yeah, whatever... Are you feeling the urge to help out. You wanna add your two cents worth? Is that it? You young punks are all the same: I wanna be a part of the creative process... Waaaaah! Is that it? Well, here you can add you're own tortured input to our, eh, extensive library of words: Just remember you whippersnappers, if it's got more than seven syllables, it'll be rejected!

My tortured soul isn't satisfied with other's bad art!

All right already! So you added a word... and you actually want to see it in action. Well, just enter it here and it'll be sure to be used. But remember that you're an ingrate for sure, bucko!

Make a haiku using this particular word:
oh yeah, AGAIN! If it has more than seven syllables, it'll be rejected!

Don't we all feel much better now...
I wanna see some non-pseudo randomly generated bad haiku