Loss of vision has never been more fun

--CHUAMUHAHA, "Blow-Gurt"

Sometimes it\'s good to put things in your mouth t

--vegemitelover, "Blow-Gurt"

Been there done that.. have pics on the Net

--Foo2, "Blow-Gurt"

I would rather be on the toilet at the OMC. Inste

--brian@fo2k.com, "GroutBall"

Wow! This actually sounds kinda tasty!

--Speed Queen, "Sweet Autumn Breeze"

Hell is other people\'s recipes

--Emeril Le Sartre, "The Third Retch"


--les, "The Third Retch"

What the hell is wrong with me!?

--Pr0k, "The Third Retch"

For the love of Benji!!

--Pr0k, "The Third Retch"