Quote of the day:
Regarding The Third Retch, "For the love of Benji!!" --Pr0k

There is a certain drawing force that makes humans gravitate towards all things horrible:
Whatever the reason, we all like to look at the base, the monstrous, etc. But how often does one get to taste it...
This is the reason for my search, exhausting as it is, to create the most horrible alcoholic concoctions imaginable. And in that creation, find some that are really quite pleasant. These are the "flipped Ford Explorers because the substandard tires shredded at eighty" of drinks.
So look well, and feel free to try any of the drinks here.
I have. Some I like, some I can barely finish. But they are all close to my heart. Sigh!

Retch factor

It isn't that bad.
um, this isn't very good at all...
It'll hurt if I swallow.
Oh God!... I don't think I should have drank that....
So this is what epicac's made of...

The Third Retch
Ingredients:6 oz Kraut juice
2 oz lemon juice
3 oz whisky
Combine kraut and lemon over ice, stir in whisky. This can be made with any alcohol, since you won't be tasting it anyway. Enjoy!
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5. I am despair incarnate...
Ingredients:1 pkg. Gogurt
Blavod Black Vodka
Open the Gogurt, and fill all empty space with vodka. Insert end in mouth, tip up, force squeeze contents into mouth. LOSE THE SPOON!
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1. Not bad.
Ingredients:Chips Ahoy cookies(1 per oz.)
Tanqueray Dry Gin
Using a small glass or tumbler, crush 2 or more cookies, add gin. Should be oatmeal consistency. Serve at room temperature. Rating fluxuates depending on if you like gin mixed with cookies...
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3. My God! Mylanta!
Ingredients:Vodka (for this, cheaper is better)
Hershey's Strawberry Syrup
Fill shot glass 2/3 full with vodka. Add Quik until color is bright red. Shoot. Tastes like cough medicine! Take two and call me in the morning...
The Black Sea
Ingredients:2 teaspoons basalmic vinegar
2 oz. Stolichnya Vodka
2 teaspoons Virgin Olive Oil
Pour basalmic in shot glass. Add Vodka. Slowly add olive oil. Shoot. 'This doesn't taste much like alcohol?..'
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1. Not bad.
Sweet Autumn Breeze
Ingredients:1 tablespoon honey
.5 oz. Tequila
1 oz. triple sec
.5 oz. Captain Morgan's spiced rum
1 teaspoon molasses
1 corn flake
Add in order: honey, tequila, triple sec, rum, molasses. Float with corn flake. Ah... refreshingly sweet enough to drop a ritalin pumped 9 year old.
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2. ...interesting.