Oh boy!

So I was very bored and getting interested in encryption and was currently learning VB for work.

Mix that all together and you get my version of Blowfish called Slowfish.

Slowfish was written in the most horrible vb form possible. Since I couldn't do any bitwise operations on data, nor could I break up the long data type into anything resembling bits, I decided to write the whole thing out of arrays of booleans. If you're familiar with VB you'll know that a boolean is equivalent to 2 bytes or 16 bits. Compare the wasted 15 extra bits for each boolean used for each long. That 15x32 wasted bits. Let alone the amount of wasted time it takes to convert all those booleans into longs and vice versa. Beaucoup operations! Well, to make a long story almost longer, this is not the way to do things.

Anyway, here's everything for anyone interested: BlowfishVB.zip
Have fun.